Kitten and Daddy 5

Part 4

I think that was the moment when I was the most petrified. Sitting on the edge of the bed for what seemed like hours, I don’t even know if I was breathing at that time. The bombshell that dropped on me rocked my soul to the core. Would I end up like this woman one day? A pawn in a sick man’s game of destroying women? I feel as though God played a cruel joke on me and took me from Princess to slave. Never in my life have I thought about hating my parents, but right now, I wish them nothing but a life of bitter hell.

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Secret Season – Small Town Sins

Somewhere in a little town in Oklahoma, Bartlesville to be exact, the legends flow faster than the wind.

Wendigo – The last train ride is free
Seth Hightower’s life will never be the same. A simple visit to the town’s amusement park uncovered a legend so hidden that the only ones who see it disappear into the bowels of the beast. One night of fun with his best friend Brody will change the lives of both boys forever. Screams in the night. The blood painted the trees the prettiest shade of red. Dripping like icicles, the branches weighed heavier than usual. The scent was in the air, and the awakening was beginning. The monstrosity had laid dormant far too long. It was the night of the harvest.

Welcome Home
Georgia Duncan’s mother was the town disgrace and her grandmother never let her forget it. Slipping out of church was a sin, but for Angela Duncan, it cost her more than her reputation. Somewhere deep in the woods a band of misfits wondered through the thick, overgrown moss looking for one of theirs. If you’re afraid of clowns, stay as far away from the woods. Sometimes, they bring what they own back home.



She watched as he walked away for the last time. In his eyes every promise he ever made. Hands placed in her lap; she felt the pain once again take her away. Why? She always asked why. Looking back over his shoulder, a smirk creased his lips. He broke her just like everyone else. This time it wasn’t at a forgotten altar, but the hurt was still the same. Blinking once, twice, nothing. No tears. Why? She always asked why.